Design engineering

Before starting construction of a house, it is necessary to design its architectural design, which will be the basis for the following works. When a thought-out and carefully prepared design is available, the further works will be enormously easier, more cost-effective and faster. «OKA Construction» provides its customers with a useful and important service such as individual designing of houses, buildings, cottages and etc., based on the customer s needs and expectations. Before start, the designing works are discussed with the customer. When the whole successive plan is approved, the architectural solutions are considered. An individual design of buildings starts with the architectural developments of the future house, general designing, and architectural solutions. Such design allows to produce the appearance of the future object. At all the stages the individual design operations are implemented by «OKA Construction s» highly skilled architects and designers who perform the whole scope of the design works in a professional manner according to the requirements of the existing standards and regulations.